Jan 22, 2018

Modern Buddhist Art

Green Buddha.  A modern, contemporary Buddhist art artwork by Lita Kelley     As a practicing Buddhist artist, I find it a great meditative practice to create Buddhist works of art, consequently, a large bulk of my art works are modern, contemporary Buddhist art artworks.

These modern Buddhist art artworks are the pieces that fill me with the most joy and I really think people would love them on their living room walls, and even hanging on an office wall, or anywhere else someone would like to hang up a modern Buddhist art artwork.

Just Be.  A modern, contemporary Buddhist art artwork by Lita Kelley
I sell art prints on my website, well, at least I have been trying to sell fine art prints of my Buddhist art, however, the printer who prints  my artworks, Fine Art America,  for some reason, when searching for modern Buddhist art there, contemporary Buddhist art or any other terms one would use to find Buddhist art, for some reason only shows visitors the sub par, mediocre stuff that's not even quality work, and the majority of works that come up in the search aren't even Buddhist at all.  I searched for modern Buddhist art and was shown low quality, poor artworks of Egyptian stuff and even the statue of Liberty among several other unrelated images...     Fine Art America's search is terrible as it does
Loving Kindness.  A modern, contemporary Buddhist art artwork by Lita Kelley
not always show the best art.

  So, here I am writing this blog post so that my modern Buddhist art can be found by people looking to buy contemporary Buddhist wall art to hang on their walls, and with some luck and effort, just maybe this post will be found in Google searches..

Namaste Buddha Zen.  A modern, contemporary Buddhist art artwork by Lita Kelley  These 4 images are just a few of my Buddhist artworks. All my modern Buddhist art is in a collection on my website.   Clicking on any of the 4 images in this post will take you to that images page on my site.  All my art is available for purchase as a museum quality fine art print on stretched canvas, specialty, archival, acid free papers, wood, metal & more.   I hope you like my art enough to buy a print.   I have been working really hard at trying to promote myself so that I may become successful as an artist.

If you love Buddha as much as I do and would love some Buddhist art prints to hang on your walls, please visit me at www2.litakelley.com

Please be kind and share this post on your social media, etc.  As an emerging and starving artist, I need all the help I can get since I am starting at the bottom and trying to expand my reach.

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