Jan 21, 2018

Herbal Tea Art

Fresh Herbal Tea Wall Art
Not only am I an artist, but I also love herbal tea.  I am heavily into herbal medicine and enjoy a variety of herbal teas on a daily basis.

I even collect tea pots too/  I originally designed and created this Fresh Herbal Tea wall art for my own kitchen wall decor, and now it's available to you for your own kitchen wall, or if you own a tea shop or restaurant, it would look fantastic on your restaurant's walls.

This fresh herbal tea art has a vintage, distressed shabby-chic look and feel, complete with a twig of herbs and a teapot.

Not only is this beautiful herbal tea art available as wall art for home decor,  but is also available as an herbal tea tote bag or herbal tea mug perfect for drinking your own herbal tea.

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